I’ve set a challenge for myself this week….to follow the perscribed diet plan as designed by personal trainer to the stars, Tracy Anderson.

There are 14 weeks worth of eating plans in this particular one I have from her, and this first week looks the hardest. I started preparing the food last night and it is all pureed for the first week. So no solids!

That will be a big challenge for me, not having much texture in the food. Like eating baby food for a week! The point of it, is to eat lots of smaller, nutrient dense foods and rid your body of impurities. A good cleaning out of your system is never a bad thing, we can forget that many of the foods we eat these days can take a long time to digest. Some up to 24 hours to get through our system.

So I will see how this goes, and if I will even last the full 7 days. I’m sure I’ll want to reach for something more exciting by the end of the week, but will my will power be strong enough to get me through?tracy 30