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If any of you have seen my Facebook pages you will have just seen me post these photos.

These gorgeous ladies are demonstrating one of my favourite lines, a brilliant extension of the a la second position.

I don’t know what it is about a gorgeous developpe in this position, but when it’s done well it gets me every time. Even more so than a Penche. I guess it’s because to me, this position feels so delicious to execute, and it looks like absolute freedom of the hips, and most of all , the upper body can be so expressive.

It’s interesting how fantastic the leg positions are on these two dancers, but the arms definitely need some work. Neither dancer has as a perfect  classical shape through the arms and hands as they do on the legs. Thus bringing me back to one of my previous posts, about how more time needs to be spent on Port de Bras. It is so important!

What are your thoughts?

What is your favourite dance image/position, that inspires the feeling of freedom?