I have been very fortunate this year to have been chosen to dance in a tour with the famous Glenn Miller Band from the United States!

They are coming to New Zealand during May and June, and we are touring the North and South Islands with them, and we will be busting it out Swing style to their amazing sounds.

I’m so excited! We started rehearsals last week, and so far I am having an absolute ball. My partner is fantastic, so much energy and we both act like clowns but give the dancing everything we’ve got. There are only four dancers for this tour, so I feel very honoured to be a part of it.

Our choreographer is doing a fantastic job of capturing the authentic Swing style, and incorporating movements that suit the four dancers with our backgrounds in Jazz, Hip Hop, Cabaret, Ballet, Tap and Contemporary. It is certainly the most fun I’ve had dancing in a while.

Something about Swing dancing, and Swing music just makes me so happy, and makes me smile. Maybe it’s because I have so many fond memories of dancing with Swing Patrol in Melbourne, or maybe it’s the thrill of being whipped around the dance floor by my partner, who knows.

One thing I will tell you, is if you want a good cardio workout, go do some Swing Dancing! I’d forgotten how energetic it is and how fit I was when I was performing the Swing show when I worked on Cruise Ships. You might not have to point your toes and turnout like you do in Ballet, but boy you will work up a sweat keeping up with the fast paced tracks, jumping and kicking those legs! And to think I have to do it all in heels eventually! Ahh

For this tour we will be learning 6 routines, and dancing almost every night of the month that we are on tour – bar those days that we are traveling further. I can foresee myself having many naps on the bus in between shows.

I’m looking forward to trying on all our costumes, I absolutely adore the fashion of that era and am keen to get into my high-waisted shorts, put my hair in some Victory Rolls, and smack on some red lipstick.

If you wanna come along and see us dancing our socks off, and hear the most amazing Swing Band of all time, tickets are selling on Ticketek so get in quick!