This is my under-layer for the next 10 days
This is my under-layer for the next 10 days

Yay, I have made it through the first 24 hours of having surgery on my left ankle and so far it has been manageable.

Yesterday morning I went in to have an anthroscopy where they went into my ankle via two incisions and pumped it up with fluid so they could get a good look around in there with a camera, take out the cartilage that I had chipped off my joint when I did my injury in August last year, and clean up everything else in there, any loose pieces etc. that needed to come out.  They were also looking to see how damaged my ligaments and tendons are to see if I need any more surgery to stabilize my ankle, but I am hoping that I won’t have to go through that as well, as that would mean even longer off dancing, 6 weeks in a cast, and of course longer recovery period. Not to mention I might loose quite a bit of movement in my ankle.

So, what has been done, was apparently a lot of scraping around in there according to one of my nurses, so she warned me I may be quite sore as they were having a real good go in there. One of the surgeons told me that they would actually pull and sort of separate my ankle from my leg a bit so there is space for them to get around! Freaky!

Some twisted part of me would like to have had a video camera just to see that happen….even longer dancing legs! ha ha

Anyway, I came out of it a bit groggy, as you do after having general anesthetic, but thankfully I wasn’t nauseous at all. My wonderful husband picked me up with his laughing monkey toy in tow to cheer me up, and some pillows in the back seat of the car. What a gentleman. I didn’t get to speak to the surgeons afterward but I wish I had. I have a few questions as I wasn’t given much information about how it all went in there. Just my instructions for the next 10 days… shower for 2 days (EEeeww so I’m sorting that out another way) then I have to make sure I don’t get my leg wet when I’m in the shower at all. I’m on crutches and in a moon-boot and can only gently touch my leg to the floor when I get up to answer the call of nature. Otherwise my leg is to be kept elevated at all times.

Now, in order to avoid the spreading of my buttocks  that is encouraged by sitting on one’s derriere for hours a day, I am going to keep a very close eye on my diet and make sure I don’t put tonnes of pizza in my mouth (although it is very tempting while watching movies and not being able to do much else!) Does anyone have tips for a diet for someone in my position?

I do start teaching my students for 2013 on Monday and Tuesday, have rehearsal for a show I’m choreographing on Wednesday, and my new Entwine dance class for adults on Thursday. So I will be keeping myself busy even though I’ve just been through something quite serious. I am grateful that I have some helpful students who are going to demonstrate for some of my classes, and wonderful supportive people around me, such as my family, my Husband, my wonderful Aunt who has even baked for me, and the lovely caring messages from my family and friends.

After going through all of this the best advice I can give to anyone, is definitely get second and third opinions from other doctors and surgeons. The first specialist I went to see wasn’t very positive at all that I would be able to continue dancing, and I left the building in tears. After having more x-rays and seeing more people, I was able to have more and more information and more options presented to me.

I may not be through the woods yet, but I have found a surgeon who I feel comfortable with, she understands what I need out of my body and has worked not to put my ankle through more than is neccessary.  I’m keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed that I heal well and am back to dancing in no time. Until then, I can amuse myself with balancing on my crutches in precarious positions!