I don’t know about you, but my year has begun with a bang and I hope it continues this way.

For New Year’s Eve I was fortunate enough to be chosen to perform as one of three Marylin Monroe’s at Auckland’s Sky City, Viva Las Vegas themed night. It was so much fun, one of the best N.Y.E’s I can remember. The three of us worked so well together, we were professional but easy to work with and got along like a house on fire, and our Choreographer was amazing. She captured the style of Marylin and her era really well, and everything was choreographed beautifully to the music. We had four routines that we performed on different stages throughout the Casino and on an outside stage underneath the Sky Tower.  The evening was scheduled to the minute, with performances, and photo opportunities for the guests. We were even allocated a “Minder” who had a walkie-talkie and would escort us through the crowds to each position so we were there exactly on time. It felt a bit like being a celebrity making an appearance at a big event!

We all felt gorgeous in our costumes, Shanelle and I wore the classic white halterneck dresses and Natalie had the pink “Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend” costume. All of us had our make-up and hair professionaly done which was organized by our Choreographer Tracy, and it was great to go into our own dressing room and be pampered for the night.

Yes we worked hard, and we had a lot of dancing, smiling, staying in character, and performing to do, but it was the most fun I’ve had at a N.Y.E dancing gig in a while. Everyone was so excited when they saw us and wanted picture after picture which was very sweet, although my cheeks were going numb by the end of all the photos.


There were some amazing acts that were also moving from stage to stage, an Elvis impersonator who was brilliant, a Katy Perry singer, and the some of my dancing friends who were mezmerizing arielists performing meters above the crowds in gorgeous silver Esther Williams inspired costumes. The Diamond Showgirls were there as well, in deep red sequins and feathers, and the whole night was put together brilliantly.

Our final performance was just after Midnight – I got to give my Husband a Midnight kiss as he and his friends came in to watch us, so it was perfect timing. Then we were back to the dressing rooms for a quick change into our party dresses, and we hit the champers and the dance floor at TwentyOne – the nightclub within the casino.

It was the perfect way to bring in the new year, and celebrate a great night of performing. We were all on cloud nine, everything had gone so well and we had such a great response from guests and staff, we couldn’t have been happier.

Since that night the year has been very busy and exciting so far. I’ve filmed a t.v commerical for Encore Cabaret,  been in and out of surgeons offices trying to get the best for my injured foot, had a lovely but far too short week in Melbourne to celebrate my Mum’s 50th birthday – where I performed a barefoot dance and my Showgirls performed a comedy routine from “The Producers”. Now back in Auckland, I have some exciting choreography coming up, the start of my Entwine Dance Classes, and my surgery on my left foot.  It’s only one month in and so much has happened already, I hope the rest of the year is this jam-packed….