Working in the Entertainment Industry is a wonderful thing. If you are fortunate enough to have the talent, drive, dedication, and passion to pursue a career in this industry, it can open up a very colourful world and provide you with many experiences that most people can only dream of.

It doesn’t matter if you are working as the lead in a film, a dancer in the corps de ballet, a crew member, director or choreographer, you need to have a professional attitude at all times. Be friendly to the people you work with, enjoy yourself, work hard, be respectful and positive, and you will always find yourself with work on the table. Remember that it’s not always what you know, but who you know. People talk, and if they have worked with you before and found you to be professional, they will recommend you.

In our industry, your work ethic reputation is like gold. No-one wants to work with a Diva, no matter how talented they think they are. People want to work with someone who will be keen to dig their teeth into the job, turn up early, give it 120% effort and nothing less.

If you are a seasoned professional, remember that there is always more to learn, and if you really are a true artist you will always be searching for perfection.

That perfect performance, that we all know is like the story of unattainable love, it’s always just out of our grasp. If you are forever striving to improve your performance, learn more about your craft, hone and improve your skills, then you will always be a good artist to work with.

No-one wants to have to deal with people who think they know it all, who have a bad attitude and don’t want to rehearse because they think they are above everyone else. It’s annoying and it also puts everyone else under pressure and on edge, because they have to work that much harder to ensure nothing does go wrong because someone else is under-rehearsed.

Whenever you are in class, use every moment you can as a full-out performance. If it’s a dance class and you are waiting for your turn, use the time to practice the steps and figure out how you are going to present your work. Good dancers never waste a moment in class, they hardly ever rest because they are always in the back going over the choreography or working on balances, or how they are going to “dance” the work to stand out and make it better each time they do it.

Look at actors working on a t.v series or movie, the leads are always going over their lines in between takes, and getting themselves focused on the way they are going to deliver their dialogue. Yes there may be some bloopers/fun moments here and there, but the good ones stay focused on the job at hand. Always with that positive attitude and strong work ethic. No-one wants to be working till midnight because you weren’t professional enough to remember your lines and stay focused in between takes.

If you have this good attitude, it shows the respect you have to the other people you are working with. Respect your teacher by listening to them in class, take on board what they are saying not just to you, but also to other dancers and apply it to what you are doing.

Show respect to your cast mates, crew, choreographer/director by listening, don’t muck around when it’s not the time for it. Put the hard work in, do what you are directed to do without complaint, and you will go far.

Remember that you are the tool the choreographer is using to create their work, their masterpiece. You need to be adaptable.

Remember that there are many people involved in making a great show, it’s not all about you. There are people who work extremely hard making costumes, sets, lighting, music, to make it all come together, and they deserve your utmost respect.

Remember that we are all in it together for the love of what we do.