We all know the amazing effect that is created with fake eyelashes. The gorgeous doll-like eyes that put the finishing touch to any dancing gals make-up – or give that flourish to the beautiful colours used in drag make-up.

They open up your eyes and help to create a gorgeous old-school Hollywood glamour look on stage.

But beware the never ending amounts of glue that will be stuck to your real eyelashes after a performance! I have always had a hard time getting all the glue off my eyes and eyelashes after a show, and if you are performing many nights in a row you really need to take care of your eyes and skin around your eyes to make sure that you don’t do any damage or speed-up the aging process causing more wrinkles.

I am constantly picking out glue from my eyes and unfortunately pulling out my real eyelashes in the process! Ouch!

This week, after a performance my Director and fellow Showgirl gave me a really good tip. To get any excess glue off your eyes and eyelashes without having to rub and aggravate your skin, you can use some Baby Oil to massage the glue off.

I tested it out this week, and low and behold, it works! I tried massaging the oil over my eyelids and lashes with my finger, and another time using a cotton pad, and it worked well both ways. Afterwards I used my make-up wipes to wipe off the extra Baby Oil and then wash my face with cleanser. It was a break through for me, because I have found that no matter what eye make-up remover lotion or potion, or wipes I used, I still couldn’t get rid of that ruddy glue!

Now, no worries! I have invested in a small bottle of “light” or “sensitive” baby oil, so make sure you choose something that suits your skin. It hasn’t irritated my eyes at all.

Another trick that I would like to share, is for the glue you use. Now, many people might not like to try this and it might sound weird, so that is fine. It’s totally up to you if you want to take this advice or not. But, when I was younger we ran out of eyelash glue, and for a while we used PVA glue. It worked like a charm! It stuck on really well and we didn’t have eyelashes coming off at the corners as they sometimes do, and when it came time to take them off, the eyelashes peeled off so easily and with little to no glue residue left behind.

If you think back to when you were a kid at school, and there was always someone in class who would experiment with putting a thin layer of PVA glue over the back of their hand, and then peel it off looking like they were peeling off a layer of skin. Well, that’s exactly it, it peels off super easy.

Now, I am talking about putting it on your eyes, so you need to be carefull! And only try this if you want to, as I am taking no responsibility if you have an accident. But I have used it myself and it has worked well. I am just passing on tips from my own experience.

If you have any other tips you would like to share, please feel free to e-mail or comment on this blog.

Have a great weekend,