Yee-ouch! Last night I managed to accidentaly drop a drawer full of cutlery on my left foot, which resulted in some lovely bruising and a nasty cut. The best part about it is, that the cut is right where the straps of my heels go across my ankle that I am wearing tomorrow night in a performance.

What a very big inconveinience to say the least. Yes it’s only a cut, but my foot was absolutely throbbing last night and the ankle was swollen as well. Not the best thing right before a show. So, on went the ice pack and my foot was perched on top of some bed pillows all night.

This morning when I woke up my ankle was very stiff and tender, and I was seriously getting worried that the injury was more than it seemed. But determind to get on with things, I still went to the gym today and did my legs workout and some cardio to make sure I feel in top shape before the performance tomorrow night.

That was the best thing I could’ve done. Got it moving again. I am so happy I didn’t just rest it, getting the ankle moving has got the blood going again and the swelling has come down since I’ve exercised.

I’m not saying this is the best remedy for all injuries, but it really seems to work for me, that whenever I’ve pulled a muscle or injured something, if I rest it too long it turns out feeling worse and the inflammation lasts longer.

Right after you have injured yourself, I am a firm believer of the R.I.C.E rule, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Then my personal remedy is, get it moving the next day.

Everyone is of course different, and every injury is different, and I by no means claim to be a doctor. But, when it comes to dancing, you don’t want to be out for long, so get that injury moving gently the next day and don’t let it seize up from resting for too long.

Many of us make the mistake of putting deep heat and heat packs on things. Remember that heat helps the inflammation, it aggrivates the injury. So the best thing you can do is stick to ice, a frozen bag of peas, or a nice big frozen stake, whatever you can get your hands on, and get that body part elevated.

No wonder AFL players jump in a bath tub full of ice after each game. It’s a natural miracle worker. Also really good for sore feet after pointe shoes, dip your tootsies into a bucket full of ice for a few minutes and the next day you will be sweet!